Hello, I am Ioannis (Yiannis)

I am a Full Stack, Digital Product Designer with award winning Industrial Design background, currently designing digital products in London. With over 5 years of experience, I helped different companies to define and create their products while bringing value to their customers.

I've worked in different tech verticals from giant companies like Google to Fintech (ClearScore) to E-commerce (MOO Print), Enterprise Software / SaaS (Patsnap, Transifex) to B2B/ SaaS (Pollfish). I hold an integrated Master's Degree in HCI and BSc in Product and Systems Design and Engineering.

I have been invited to speak about Design at various meetups and TedX events. I write about design, processes, and ways of working. I have organized the Behance Portfolio Review in Athens and London more than 10 times.

Honors & Awards


and counting

Design Awards
  • A’ Design Award - Bronze - International Industrial Design Award for the workstation - ERGON
  • Dromeas Design Award - Silver - Industrial Design Award for the workstation - ERGON
  • Aluminco Design Award - Bronze - Industrial Design Award for the pergola project - AITHRION
Featured on Behance
  • Behance - Google Flights 
  • Behance - Apple TV Versace Concept 
  • Behance - Unslpash Redesign
  • Behance - Airbnb Google Material
  • Behance - PRIVO Packaging
  • Behance - Spot One Surf Club
  • Behance - Ron Brandy e-Commerce
  • Behance - D'Alessandro Jewellery 
  • Behance - Apple Bluetooth Concept
Featured on WWW
  • Adobe France/UK/Spain
  • Abduzeedo
  • Design Taxi
  • Material Up
  • CodePen
  • The Perfect Grid
  • Redsn
  • The Dieline Awards
  • Packaging of the World
Speaking & Media
  • Speaker - UX Cambridge Meetup, Feb 2019
  • Speaker - TedX University of the Aegean - The Cosmos of Design
  • Organizer and Host - Behance Portfolio Review, London  2017
  • Organizer and Host - Behance Portfolio Review, Athens  2013-2016
  • Featured - Awesome Designers 2017 by WILD studio - John Noussis #11 of 365
  • Publication - UI/UX Design - User Interface & User eXperience Book - ISBN 9789881468789, Airbnb Project featured
  • Speaker - World Information Architecture Day Conference (WIAD) - MS's Thesis Presentation

Feel free to check out my social media channels to find more about me or contact me via email at ioannis.noussis@gmail.com.

Or have a look at my CV here